About us

Since 1986

We provide textile materials for shoes, bags and accessories.

Dönertaş was established as a leather and shoes company in 1986. However in years, it has become a pioneer and innovative company serving fabrics especially to companies producing shoes, bags, accesories and garments. In the begining, the company supplied imported and outsourced materials to the customers. However, after the factory was built in 2006, Donertas began to provide faster service to customers with more qualified products.
Priorities of the company are producing high-quality products and providing customer satisfaction.

There is no doubt that customers are not only customers for Donertas,
but also a significant business partner.

As a reliable company, strength of Donertas come from the capability of minimum amounts of production which avoids customer from making stocks and the fast service which is very important for today’s ’fast fashion’ trend.